Check Out Some of the Dream FX Projects

Dream FX - Designers of the Future-01Dream FX Design is most likely one of the top exterior and interior design studios in the world in the last decade or more. This company, which is located in Florida was founded by a Canadian artist and designer Robert Leblanc offers their amazing services to anyone who is in need of a little change in scenery, whether they own a large business and want to promote their new product; a club, so that they can become much more interesting to their guests; or you are simply a private home owner. Whatever the case is, singing Dream FX to help you with designing your place will probably be one of the best decisions you have made in your life.

What is so good and unique about Dream FX Design studio? Like I already said, they have a long time experience, more than 20 years, to be precise. This makes them one of the most experienced studios in the US. So, if you want guys that really know their job, they are the ones that you need to hire.

What have they done so far? There are many projects that the Dream FX has done so far, but a few of them really manage to showcase what they can do. They have designed the entire Auberge Albatross hotel in Quebec, from the exterior of the building to all of its 14 rooms and the rest of its interior. Thanks to Dream FX, this small hotel has soon become a place where everyone who comes to Quebec wishes to stay in.

Another prime example of what Dream FX designers can do is the Boozers on the Beach, one of the best known places in Hollywood, especially in the summer. So, while you are sipping your cold drink, look around you, what you see there is courtesy of their designers.

Club Safou in Montreal, on of the most popular places where young people in this city like to go to is also designed by Dream FX. Whether you visit it during night hours, when the crowd is biggest, or you come here during day time, this club’s interior will leave you amazed.

Dream FX - Designers of the Future-07Dream FX have also worked closely with several large companies. For instance, they designed signs for such companies like Budweiser, Bacardi and Smirnoff and these can be seen all over the United States and Canada. They’ve also helped make many amusement parks become real hits.

Each of their work is unique, but there is one thing that is common with most of them and that is “black light painting”. In most of their projects, Dream FX use this UV lighting technique and it especially shows its full potential in night clubs and amusement bars.

There are many more projects done by this studio and I really wouldn’t want to miss some of them. If you want to see what they have done so far, check out their website. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it and decide to hire them for your place?

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